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Personalized Training for You and Your Dog!
Personalized training for your dog in your family environment provides you the tools and understanding to enforce their specific training needs. For puppies or newly adopted dogs of any age that have a few skills to perfect, you will know how to work with your little buddy by being patient and positive, and make every day training something you both look forward to! 
In a four week obedience program based on your availability, you will learn how to teach your canine companion everything from crate training and puppy manners to steady, heel, place and recall! For puppies 8 weeks old to seniors as old as 16 years, this course will be designed for your success! No two dogs learn the same way or at the same rate, one-on-one training allows your dog to progress at their own level and excel beyond the basics!
Socialization is important in your puppys development and I incorporate this by practicing heeling in the park where we can ensure proper leash behavior and social greetings of people and dogs! I will also guide you to places for FREE, supervised  socialization where it doesn’t take away from your training time! As well as for all commands, training in these stimulating public environments guarantees that your puppies and dogs will follow your direction no matter what the distraction!!!
Although training young is encouraged, any dog can learn new tricks!
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